What we do

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Professional Education

The Hammer Academy is our on-demand education resource for IT Professionals in Southern Africa.

  • Accredited with PeopleCert
  • ITIL, COBIT and DevOps
  • Self-Paced, On-Demand
  • Unlimited Access


Whether you need an independent, external perspective, or you need help in diagnosing the performance problems in your team, we can pin-point where you should be focusing your improvement initiatives.

We have a comprehensive toolbox of web-based assessments and surveys which are carefully designed to extract meaningful insights from your team.

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Design Advisory

  • Design of IT Governance System
  • Design of Service Management Model
  • Design of Services
  • Design of Roles & Teams
  • Design of IT Processes
  • Integrated Policy Framework

Best Practice Workshops

We facilitate short, focused capability-building workshops which are designed to accelerate the adoption of Best Practice.

These workshops consist of a proven blend of theory, robust discussion and planning. The output of these workshops is a prioritised Improvement Plan which will help guide your team to focus on the things that matter.

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Executive Coaching

Have you ever felt like you’re drinking from a fire-hose?

We coach and mentor IT Executives and Managers to develop resilience in an ever-changing work environment, and bring a narrow focus on the things that get results.